World Geography

World GeographyThe ACE World Geography course is well written, has a colorful text booklet with maps, pictures, and diagrams, as well as a pull-out workbook. The course is challenging and requires a good  bit of memorization for each check-up and test. Use of the online resources below is very helpful. Be sure to see the test tips at the bottom of this page! Quizlet has some good study resources geared for specific geography PACE checkups and tests.  World History and World Geography both have the same PACE numbers (97-108) in the ACE system which can be a little confusing. With most students I recommend that they do World History first has it is a little easier, and then move into Geography for 10th grade. On the other hand, tenth grade science is Physical Science, which can be rather challenging! If a 9th grader is motivated and can handle the academic load, I will allow him to do World Geography in 9th grade while taking Biology, and then do World History while tackling Physical Science.  (Mr. Friendson’s personal advice!)

Here are some links and resources for various countries:

Games to learn capitals, countries, continents:



United States

Outline maps that can be printed out for each PACE

  • New! We have prepared a set of outline maps and directions to accompany each PACE so that students don’t need to hand-draw the maps. We also have a large fold-out map (see picture at right) of the entire world on which students can color in the countries as they study each area. Purchase the kit in the store and download the outline maps in a pdf file (optional large map will be mailed via USPS.)

Test tips for the course can be downloaded here and printed out