Social Studies

Scope and Sequence for the Social Studies courses

  • Careers (1071-1076)
  • Pennsylvania History – We wrote our own Pennsylvania History PACE course for junior high. Read more about it on the linked page and order it.
  • American History (1085-1096) – This course is significantly more challenging than the previous levels; students must learn to study harder for check-ups, try new study skills, and make notecards throughout each PACE with names, dates, and important events. The matching sections of the PACE tests are long and confusing for some students. I rewrote those sections using exactly the same content but changing  the order and breaking up the items into small congruous sections. I don’t want to post the tests here, but will gladly supply them as pdf files to teachers who request them from me.
  • World History (97-108) – This is an OLD edition (ready for a rewrite soon!) I rewrote several of the tests to make the tests better line up with the content of the PACES and Self Tests. I don’t want to post the tests here, but will gladly supply them as pdf files to teachers who request them.
  • World Geography (1097-1108) – Recommended for tenth grade level. This is a very good course with lots of good content. Students need to be aware that they will be stretched to learn new study skills to master the content (capitals, maps, terms, data). The link for this course takes you to a page with links to other supplemental resources that will be helpful, including test tip stickers and outline maps.
  • U.S. History (1121-1132) – Recommended for 11th grade level, this is the newest edition of history and is very well written. No need for test tips!
  • Civics (1133-1138) – Designed for 12 graders, this is a well-written course covering the history and structure of our government and the responsibilities of citizens. Click the link on the Economics page below to download test tips stickers for both Civics and Economics
  • Economics (1139-1144) – Designed as the second semester of 12th grade. Another well written course. Click on the course link for a page with other resources, videos, and test tips.