There is not much content here for math . . . yet. The author of this website is a math teacher in a Christian school that uses Saxon math for grades 7-12. However, as we become aware of particularly challenging PACES in the ACE Math series we intend to add more content here.

New! Geometry videos are available

Coming soon! Level 8 Math (1085-1096)

Level 7 Math (1073-1084)

Note to parents: Your teen should expect to spend 30-45 minutes a day doing math (sometimes 60 minutes). Each PACE is 50+ pages long, so daily goals need to be 4 pages per day average. If your child is struggling with the math and having a hard time getting it done in a reasonable time, consider allowing him to use a calculator for the most time-consuming problems (up to half of the problems on any given page). You need to be sure he knows the concept and how to do it long-hand first and not become dependent on a calculator. It is also a good idea to use 3X5 cards to create “cue cards” for different types of problems and include the steps needed and  a clear example to follow on each card. Allow your teen to refer to these cards while doing her PACE (possibly even check-ups and tests).

Level 8 Math (1085-1096)