Here’s a tip – do PACE 1102 about plants in the fall, then have students compile a leaf collection while leaves are available.
You can download test tips for Biology

PACE 1102 – Photosynthesis – learn how to memorize the formula quickly and easily.

PACE 1102 – Plant Terminology – Biology 1102 introduces a lot of new terms related to plants. In this video I try to show more diagrams and clarify confusing concepts.

PACE 1105 – Diagram of the Heart – Biology 1105 covers the heart and the flow of blood through the heart. This video is a simplified diagram that will help you figure out the rest of the diagrams in the PACE more easily.

PACE 1107 – Genetics
There are three videos specifically related to genes, chromosomes, punnet squares, and other genetics concepts so they are linked on this separate page for 1107 videos.

Here’s a great article that shows simple dominant-recessive traits with people (like tongue-rolling, attached ear lobes, etc). Get the Human Genetics Article here.